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Black Magic Protection Spells

Protection Spells Against Enemies 

There are quite a number of people that aren’t good to you. Their goal in life is just to hurt you or take advantage of you. As much as the thought hurts, you need to take measures to stop them from hurting and harming you. Hence, you should cast protection spells against enemies. These spells will secure you from the attacks and harms done to you by your enemy and keep you guarded. None of their false attempts will ever be able to harm you.

There are some people from which you don’t just need protection, but you also need to teach them a lesson. So, if you want to carry out some revenge against your enemy, you should perform lemon spells for enemies. However, make sure the spell you choose depends on your feeling. And before casting the spell against your enemy, know it that there is no returning after the lemon spells for enemies has been casted. Cast the spell with complete dedication and devotion and follow every step cautiously.

Lemon Spells for Enemies

The black magic spells for enemies will make your enemy’s business and life sour. It will destroy their life completely. If your enemy hasn’t shown any mercy on you, then it is time you give them a taste of their own medicine. Cast curses and spells for revenge against enemies and give them what they deserve. If someone has evil eyed you or messed your love life or business, then you should sour up their life too. Seek help of a professional spell caster to cast curses and spells for revenge against enemies and make them pay for their crime.

If you want to hurt someone by taking revenge, then lemon spells for enemies is the most powerful way. For this, you will need at least 9 nails, photo of your enemy, lemon, black candle, black utensil and cursing oil.

Lemon Curse Spells

Curses and Spells for Revenge Against Enemies

To begin the spell, light the candle. Now chop the lemon deeply and place the picture of your enemy in between. Channelize all your anger, wrath, frustration feelings and use it to penetrate sharp nails in the lemon. As you penetrate the nails one by one, your anger should increase. After you are done, think of the worse that you want to happen to your enemy. And lastly, make sure that the lemon just rots in the mud, sulfur or dirt to accomplish your goal and complete the spell.

Black Magic Spells For Enemies

You can also get complete details of black magic spells for enemies from a professional spell caster. However, in case you don’t want to take any revenge but just protect yourself from the threats and attacks of your enemy, then cast protection spells against enemies and it will make a secure aura around you and keep you safe and secure from everyone’s bad eyes, evil thoughts and acts. Feel free to share your thoughts and they will be kept private and discreet with us. Do not worry! We understand how important it is to keep your family safe from your enemy’s threats and to fight back. So, come to us without any guilt or fear.


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