Candle Love Spells Using Pictures and Honey That Work Instantly

Love Spells Using Picture and Honey

Love Spells Using Picture and Candles

When you love someone, you want to do everything to earn their love too. However, sometimes it is not so easily possible to get loved back in return. But, people usually do not give up. When everything else fails, your faith in Lord brings you everything you desire. And, so do love spells. The ancient spells have come from centuries and proved to be the most effective witchcraft spells to make a person fall deeply in love with you. You can easily bind a person with you by casting love spells using pictures and candles.

Love Spells Using Honey

Sometimes when you love a person but don’t have the courage to say it to him/ her, then you can always practice the love spells using pictures and candles to make them fall in love with you and then propose you. There are several other spells which can help you accomplish this objective. Love spells using honey is one of them. The purpose of this spell is to sweeten a person’s feelings towards you. It can be used romantically to attract your crush closer to you. If you have fallen for your friend, boss, or anyone, then the love spells using honey will sweeten your relationship and create feelings of affection, trust & love between you two.

Love Spells Using Honey

Free Love Spells That Work Instantly

You can acquire free love spells that work instantly from spell caster. They will happily help you with the procedure to cast the spell and bring true love in your life.

In order to cast the love spells using pictures and candles, you should get honey, jar with metallic lid, love herbs, paper, red pen, picture of you and your lover, some personal stuff of both of you, red, white and pink candles.

  • Place the jar on a table.
  • Taste the honey to make sure it is fine.
  • As you eat it, say this

As this honey is sweet, so does my lover becomes (say the name of your crush).

  • Put the honey in the jar just half. Now get the paper and use the red pen write the name of your intended lover thrice.
  • Now rotate the paper 90 degrees clockwise and write your own name on it thrice.
  • It will be like both the names will cross over each other like a tic tac toe. Once all the names are crossed, write your wish in the circle.
  • If you want some guidelines, then just use a pencil to make a circle. And, without lifting your pen write your message to the person you love.
  • If you don’t lift the pen, it gets easier to connect your energy to your lover’s energy.

Keep praying to God to channelize your energy in the right direction and bring your soul mate to you. Put the paper in the jar and fill it up with honey. Now light the candle.

Use the red one love, pink one for friendship and white one for reconciliation. Use the love oil and anoint the candle. After it has melted a little stick it to the lid of your jar and pray over the honey jar. Concentrate on your intent and pray freely to God.

Surely, the free love spells that work instantly will reap you fruitful results.

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