Spell To Make Someone Fight – Spell To Make Couple/Friends Fight

Spell To Make Friends Fight

Spell To Make Couple Fight

Often it has been noticed that if someone is in love, then they are ready to anything for it, even if the condition involves breakup from the present relationship of their crush. They are ready to do everything to get their love. If you also love someone, but that person is in a relationship with someone else, and you want that relationship to end, then you should cast spell to make couple fight. The spell has the magical power to separate them with immediate effect without either of them finding out about it.

Spell To Make Someone Fight

The spell to make someone fight is used to separate two people. When you cast these separation spells, it makes your lover think that something is not right in their present relationship, hence they should withdraw. The spell will make two partners, lovers, couple fight and separate with each other. If you feel that your lover has cheated on you or your partner is dating someone else along with you, then you should immediately cast spell to make someone fight. You can easily cast the spell to make your partner end the extra marital affair and save your marriage.

Spell To Make Someone Fight

Spell To Make Friends Fight

Spell to make friends fight will end the false relationship of your partner and make him/ her come back to you with 100% loyalty. However, it is advisable to cast the spell under the guidance of a professional spell caster to reap its benefits. Everyone comes across some bad people in their life. if you think your friend has cheated you and he is bitching about you with others, then you should also create differences between him and his friends. Spell to make friends fight will help you create hatred between two people. It will make friends fight for no reason.

If you have an enemy and you don’t want him to be happy with anyone, then you can cast the spell to make friends fight on him. It will make his friends fight with him and he will be all alone. However, the spell shouldn’t be casted for any wrong purpose or it may backfire. Make sure you have the right objectives behind casting spell to make friends fight.

Spell To Make Them Fight

You can cast spell to make them fight to create differences amongst two lovers, friends, business partners or anyone. The spell is very powerful and gives immediate results.

Spell to make them fight is given below:

For this spell, you should write the names on a paper of the two people you want to fight. Cut the names apart and put vinegar on it. Now cut a lemon into halves. Keep the names of the couple facing one another and tie the paper with black dog fur or cat fur and some pepper in between the names. Keep this sandwich in between the two lemon halves. It will sour their relationship, make them aggressive and they will start fighting like cats and dogs.

Seal the spell by using black wax. Drive a nail through the lemon or use a black thread to tie it. Keep chanting about their fight and breakup. Now bury the lemon in the couple’s garden. 


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